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Help & Info about DraftSight for windows

  • What is DraftSight?

    The software is a professional grade 2D CAD product that is based on an open business model that is ideal for design students and professionals. It provides users with an easier and smoother way of creating, editing and viewing DWG files and runs on a large number of popular operating systems.
  • Is DraftSight Free?

    The standard version of the software is available to download and use and comes complete with a wide range of useful tools. However, people who find that they need extra tools can choose to pay the subscription fee for the Professional version, which has been designed especially for companies and comes packed with powerful CAD tools.
  • What Features are Included in DraftSight Professional?

    People who select the Profession version will be treated to a large number of product upgrades as well as API access and productivity-boosting features such as Toolbox, PDF, DGN and Excel file support. A wide range of industry standard content is also included in the package that can be can be easily added to a document.
  • What is DraftSight Used For?

    This programme really excels when it comes to creating professional level 2D drawings, although it also has a number of other functions. It can also be used to update and maintain both DWG and DXF files as well as create PDF files and exchange files with other companies.
  • Is DraftSight Easy to Use?

    People who already have experience using 2D CAD applications are likely to find that this programme is easy to get to grips with. A full range of tutorials are available to utilise, while users will also be able to receive full support from other members of the extensive DraftSight community.
  • Do Users Have to Register to Use DraftSight?

    No information is required in order to download, install or start using the software. Whenever a user decides to print a document for the very first time, they will need to activate the software using a valid email address, which must be done again after six months and then once a year.
  • Is DraftSight Compatible with Windows?

    People who wish to use the programme with Windows will find that it compatible with a large number of different versions of Windows. These include Microsoft Windows Vista as well as Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or later.
  • Can DraftSight be Used on the Mac?

    Mac users will have no problem downloading and installing the software and are sure to find that it runs quickly and smoothly on various versions of Mac. Mac OS X v10.5.8 or v10.6.x tend to run the most smoothly and at least 1GB of RAM is required.
  • What Languages in DraftSight Available in?

    While the programme comes in English as standard, it can also be used in a large number of popular languages. The entire programme has been translated into French, German, Russian, Spanish, Korean, Polish and around a dozen other languages so that people from all around the world can use it with ease.
  • Which File Formats are Compatible with DraftSight?

    The most common file format that is used with this programme is DWG, although a number of other file formats are also supported. The programme can be used to read and save all types of DFX files and provides DFG file format support via the Open Design Alliance.


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